North Bayou F32 Dual Gas-Struct Table Mount for Extra Large (Up to 32 inch) Monitors

TypeGas Strut TV Mount
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Our most secured and updated dual table monitor mount up to date.


* Designed to fits 2 screens and hold the weight .
* Improve and enhance viewing comfort and reduce taxing at work and home.
* Built in durable gas-strut cylinder and handle to hover at any working position.
* Highly flexible to extend and retract with built in friction pivot to ease viewing.
* Integrated faceplate assembly design with tilt and swivel.
* Proper cable management conceals under arm provides clean and neat looked.
* Designed in both edge clamped and grommet mounting, simple and easy.
* Best suitable installed in constraint offices and homes for works and entertainment


Came out of the market in May 2019, F32 is another ergonomics Interactive desk mount product from NB designed caters for large screen size and for sure boost up your productivity.


F32 is another unique ergonomics Interactive dual desk mount product from NB designed to improve your work efficiency and enjoy your gaming fun.
Die-casted aluminum alloy built in with ultra-precision gas-strut cylinder provides viewer for maximum ergonomic comfort to relieve eye, back and neck strain and reduce less taxing in the workplace and enjoy your home entertainment. 
F32 dual screen monitor arm offers a new level of flexibility to re-positioning of your displays: uplift, slide down, forward and backward range of motion with just a touch.
Fits most 24” to 32” display sizes with a maximum load of 4.4 to 33 lbs (2 – 15 kg), display faceplates integrated with tilt angles and sliding along the cross bar. 
With the help of friction pivot design and positioning handle, F32 enables you to uplift, swivel, retract and extend up to 31.3” (795 mm) at your wish.
Comes with slim “A” shape design, F32 definitely spares more desk space when you indeed push monitor arm assembly against your wall. Cable management routes cables under the arm reflecting your uniquely clean, neat and tidy workspace.
F32 can be installed onto your desk either by “C” clamps at the desk edge or utilizing your desk grommet opening.
In fact, this dynamic monitor stand is suitable and ideally fits for constraint space at home or offices, improve wellness and maximizing your ergonomic comfort.

Technical Specs:

■ Fits screen sizes from 24” to 32”×2 with load range from 4.4 to 33 lbs (2 – 15 kg) 
■ Upright travelling distance 17.3” (440 mm)
■ 360 degrees swivel, extend and retraction up to 31.3” (795 mm)
■ VESA compliant 75 x 75 to 100 x 100 mm interface with tilt angles +10° to -16° /> ■ Powder coated finished in black and white color tone

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North Bayou F32 Dual Gas-Struct Table Mount for Extra Large (Up to 32 inch) Monitors