Projector Mount-NBT817-60

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NB offers industry-leading ceiling projector mounts for ceiling installation that minimize installation time.
Due to the thoughfull in designed, Its modular designed and pre-assemble in plant provides end users with convenient, flexibility and ease of use. Telescopic aluminum column designed allow you to have drop length from 15.4" to 23.8" (390-605mm) 4X Universal extension adaptors can fit up to 305mm circular diameter of any current market projectors mounting positions and weight below 25 lbs. (11.4kg) Product design with +- 30° pitch angles and 180° roll angles. The telescopic column form part of the integrated cable management system hides all cabling inside and shown a neat and tidy ceiling projector mount after full installation. Handy and rigid product.

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Projector Mount-NBT817-60
* Modular designed and pre-assembled in plant help facilitate installer and shorten installation time. * To set your drop down height, simply release or tighten a philips screw on upper column by a driver. * Universal extension adaptors form a large circular diameter to fit most of the current market projectors mounting positions. * +-30° broad range of pitch and 180° roll angles enable user to adjsut desired projection direction. * Maximum load is 25 lbs (11.4 kg) cover most of the exisiting projectors . * Telescopic column form part of Integrated cabale management system
NBT817-60 ■ Universal ceiling projector mount ■ Drop length from ceiling 15.4"-23.8" (390-605mm) ■ Extension adaptors form a maximun 305mm circular diameter to fit projectors mounting positions. ■ Load capacity : 25lbs(11.4kg) ■ Material : SPCC and AL A6063. ■ Surface treatment: Powder painting coating finished. ■ Color: White